Become fluent and confident 
in German

Face-to-face in Düsseldorf – online, all over the world

„When you learn German, Germany and its language will soon become your new comfort zone. Be it private or professional, you will walk through your daily life full of confidence."

What makes my Private German Lessons unique?

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Individual learning priorities

Taking private German lessons ist the most intensive and efficient way to learn German because you acquire the language individually tailored to your aims and needs. From the beginning you practice what you really need and can apply it in your daily life directly.

Flexible schedule

Together, we plan your individual schedule that goes perfectly with your lifestyle. Whether you like to be fluent after just 1 months, or prefer to take more time, you decide the pace and the frequency of your lessons. When you travel, we can meet online to learn German.
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Fast progress and success

A strong emphasis on speaking leads to a rapid learning progress. In my coaching, you get plenty of opportunity to actively speak German. Apart from this, we will improve your Grammar, reading, writing and listening skills. If you like to prove your success, I prepare you for Goethe certificates, and other language diplomas.

Speak German like the Germans

Correct pronunciation helps Germans understanding you with ease. This is why pronunciation is the key to every conversation. As a native speaker, I show you how to sound really "German". In special training sessions, we bring your pronunciation to the best level, and also practice colloquial German.
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Living and working

For your private life, we focus on exercises and dialogues in typical everyday situations, e.g. when it comes to shopping, understanding usual contracts, or reading the latest news. In my coaching for professionals you learn how to communicate in German with colleagues, clients and business partners. Special trainings for application prepare you to finding a new job in Germany.

German for Kids & Teens

My highly experienced kids trainers support your children with individual German lessons, customized to their age and interests. So that they enjoy learning and progress fast. Your kids will soon speak fluently, make new friends, and get along well in German school.

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Typically German

Germans separate waste and feel surprised when you start a conversation with a stranger on the bus. To help you understand typical German behavior, I explain essential backgrounds and show you how to react to it.

Meeting other expats

I regularly invite my students to a free conversation training course called "Coffee Chat in German". Here you meet other learners and practice German in a very small group.
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Let's learn German!

So that the German language soon becomes your new comfort zone.

I am Natalie Deckers, German trainer and language coach. In my one-to-one lessons I give you plenty of opportunity to speak German. You learn effectively and can put your knowledge into practice the same day.

The German language becomes your new comfort zone. And you can fully enjoy your expat life.

For over 10 years I have been supporting expats from all over the world who want to speak German confidently in their private lives and in their jobs.

I am looking forward to meeting you!
Natalie Deckers lächelt in die Kamera bei privatem Deutschunterricht

What my clients say about my teaching

"Natalie is a great teacher. She is enthusiastic and patient and tailors her material to suit the student. Classes are always a good mix of conversation, vocabulary and grammar. They are enjoyable yet challenging and I am always surprised by how quickly the time flies!"

Danielle, Expat in Düsseldorf – Irland

These courses are for you

SprachCoaching – Private German lessons

Natalie Deckers erklärt Grammatik bei privatem Deutschunterricht in Düsseldorf.

Deutsch in Düsseldorf

in person

You live in Düsseldorf? Let’s meet in person to learn German.
Du lebst in Düsseldorf?
Lass uns persönlich
zum Deutschunterricht treffen.
Natalie Deckers mit Laptop bei privatem Deutschunterricht, Online

Deutsch Worldwide


You live outside or travel frequently? Let’s have our lessons on Zoom.

Both options are appropriate for all language levels (A1-C2). I tailor them to your personal needs and girls. In the beginning we get to know each other, I determine your language level and develop an individual training plan for you. We agree on dates that suit you and then start to learn German.

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