Get to know me!

I am Natalie Deckers, German teacher & expert for German as a second language

SprachCoach, author and Düsseldorf native with a soft spot for languages.

A soft spot for languages

I’m a great fan of languages because they provide exciting insights into new worlds and cultures.

Looking back, my knowledge of English, French and Italian has broadened my horizons enormously.

It is super exciting to experience a country and its people authentically, when you talk to them in their native language – in the street, in a coffee bar or at work.

From my point of view, languages are keys to cultures.

My knowledge of foreign languages has allowed me to live, learn and work in different countries. For example, studying in Florence and working in an advertising agency in Paris. Language skills have expanded my personal comfort zone and opened up new opportunities abroad.

It is a great pleasure for me using my expertise to help expats learn to speak German fluently and confidently. So that Germany and the German language become their new comfort zones.

My squirrel way

Squirrels are explorers who rarely walk straight ahead. They let themselves be inspired on their way, turn spontaneously sometimes left, sometimes right and often gain surprising experiences.

Because I was fluent in English, French, Italian and German, I gave lessons in foreign languages and worked as a translator during my studies at university already.

After having graduated in business administration, I left the teaching path and started a career in marketing and communications. Europe-wide, mostly in three languages and for more than a decade.

A coincidence brought me back to teaching when an expat family from the USA approached me because they were urgently looking for a private German teacher. I promised to support them for a week alongside my job.

These German lessons were a lot of fun. My students progressed fast. One week turned into half a year. I had found my heart's business, trained as professional German language teacher and have now been teaching expats in Germany for many years.


I am convinced that

🌟 a solid knowledge of German can incredibly enrich expatriate life in Germany,

👉 learning German does not require any special prerequisites or talents,

🇩🇪 German is best learned from native speakers,

💪 one-to-one coaching is the most intensive form of language learning, because there is a lot of room for individuality and active active speaking,

⏰ with 15 minutes of daily training in addition to a professional language coaching, you can progress fast in German,

💬 we learn languages primarily intuitively by listening and speaking. Or, did you use a Grammar book to learn your native language ;-)

Die wirklich wichtigen Infos :-)

Tel Aviv

Weiß oder Bunt?
Ich liebe Farben

Tochter oder Sohn
Zwei wundervolle Töchter

Meer oder Berge
Beides: Sardinien und die Dolomiten

Alternativer Job
Gärtnerin, ich liebe Blumen

Für eine Auszeit
Gehe ich in die Natur

Zum Frühstück
Am liebsten Blaubeeren

Spinning oder Yoga

Ich kann nicht leben ohne
Sonne und blauen Himmel

Grüner Tee oder Kaffee
Flat White


These courses are for you

SprachCoaching Deutsch

Private Deutschkurse und Sprachcoaching Deutsch mit Natalie Deckers - Persönlich

Deutsch in Düsseldorf

in person

You live in Düsseldorf? Let’s meet in person to learn German.
Du lebst in Düsseldorf?
Lass uns persönlich
zum Deutschunterricht treffen.
Private Deutschkurse mit Natalie Deckers - Online

Deutsch Worldwide


You live outside or travel frequently? Let’s have our lessons on Zoom.
Both options are appropriate for all language levels (A1-C2). I tailor them to your personal needs and girls. In the beginning we get to know each other, I determine your language level and develop an individual training plan for you. We agree on dates that suit you and then start to learn German.

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