German for Expats

Learn German in one-to-one. Online, or in Düsseldorf. With a learning program tailored to your personal goals and wishes. At your individual pace and according to a schedule that best suits your life situation.

Confident in German, in private and business life

Does this sound familiar?

🏠 You already live as an expat in Germany or you are planning to move there. in eine deutsche Stadt.

💬 You would like to be able to converse fluently in German. With your colleagues and clients, with your neighbors and with the teachers of your kids.

🇩🇪 For that, you intend to improve your language skills. But you are not sure if a standard group course can suit your needs.

🌟 You want to have fun while learning and make good progress quickly.

What if ...

Private Deutschkurse Icon - Deutsch sprechen wie die Deutschen

... you had a private language trainer at your side, who responded exactly to your requirements and supported you effectively in learning German?

Private Deutschkurse Icon - Maßgeschneidertes Coaching

... you had plenty of opportunity to speak in your lesson and became fluent within a few weeks?

Private Deutschkurse Icon - Flexibel Lernen

... you wouldn't have to follow a set schedule, but could plan your lessons to fit individually to your routine?

Private Deutschkurse Icon - Besser leben und arbeiten in Deutschland

... you would soon be able to converse confidently in German in any private or professional situation?

The good news - all this is possible right now!

What my clients say about my teaching

„I can’t say enough how happy I am to be Natalie’s students. Her individual way of teaching German provides exactly what I need for my daily life in Düsseldorf.

Natalie’s private course is outstanding and so much more than a standard language class – highly customized and flexible in scheduling. Natalie is patient and learning process with her is active, joyful and practical.“

Sadaf, Iran - Expat in Düsseldorf

My SprachCoachings

Let's learn German!

Based on your personal requirements and wishes, I provide different courses that will support you effectively. You live in Düsseldorf? Let’s meet in person to learn German. If you live outside or travel frequently, we may have our lessons on Zoom.

Everyday German

Everyday German is suitable for all language levels (A1-C2). I customize the course according to your personal needs and goals. In our first meeting I will determine your level and develop your individual training plan based on your prerequisites and targets.

A course consists of 10, 20 or 40 lessons, which can be scheduled flexibly. The fee depends on your individual program. 

From 450,00 € per month.


"Before I started learning German with Natalie, I had limited vocabulary, very little confidence and hesitant to respond. Natalie has been a fantastic mentor in learning to speak and understand everyday life in Germany. I am much more comfortable with my daily life in Düsseldorf, now.“

Lisa, Expat in Düsseldorf – USA

Sprachcoaching Deutsch – Business Deutsch im Management

Business German

A language coaching for specialists, managers and executives. As a business graduate with many years of experience in international corporations, I support you with Business German. Starting from language level A2, bookable as a course with 10, 20 or 40 lessons, which can be scheduled flexibly. The exact fee depends on your customized program.

From 450,00 € per month.

„When German language skills became more and more necessary for my job in a German company, I started private lessons in Düsseldorf. With Natalie’s individually tailored intensive course, her expertise and method, that really makes German language easy to learn, I was able to progress fast and speak fluently with my customers and colleagues after four month. Thank you so much!“

Marco, Italy - Expat in Düsseldorf

German for Special Occasions

You already speak German and have an occasion for which you need a particular vocabulary? Whether it's a job interview, a wedding or a dinner invitation - I will prepare you for your very special occasion. From language level A1, bookable as individual appointments.

Fee for one appointment of 90 minutes is 145,00 Euro. If you book more than one, the fee will be reduced.

Sprachcoaching Deutsch – Deutsch für besondere Anlässe
"Natalie is the absolute BEST! Super thoughtful, patient, attentive.... highly recommended!"
Maegan, USA – Expat in Düsseldorf
Sprachcoaching Deutsch – Konversationstraining Deutsch

Conversation Class

You would like to improve your speaking skills? In a mini-group of 3-5 participants, we practice conversations that are important in everyday life: making appointments, ordering in a restaurant, opening a bank account, and much more that you need every day in Düsseldorf. The course includes 7 appointments of 90 minutes.

Die Teilnahmegebühr für 7 Termine beträgt 320,00 €.

"My wife and I decided to take private lessons from Natalie, and we are so glad we did. We are confidently speaking on a solid B2 level, and through Natalie’s tailored private lessons we have also learned a lot about German history, culture, and how life works here. Natalie’s professionalism, expertise, passion for teaching, and her personal approach has encouraged us all to not only continue to learn the German language, but to fully experience this wonderful country."

Travis, USA – Expat in Düsseldorf

German for Kids&Teens

Whether for school, or to make new friends, together with my team of qualified kids trainers, we also promote the language skills of your children. Flexible and effective. Online and in Düsseldorf, at your home. A course with 40 lessons for all language levels (A1-C2).
The fee depends on the frequency of the lessons as well as the individual requirements and goals.
Sprachcoaching Deutsch – Deutsch für Kids & Teens
"Natalie and her team have helped my son immensely over the last several years. He started first grade in Germany with no prior German and is now fully fluent. We could not have done this without the help of Natalie. Highly recommended!"
Lauren, USA – Expat in Düsseldorf
Sprachcoaching Deutsch – Coffee Chat in Deutsch

Coffee Chat in German

A free add-on to all my courses, because I want to give my clients the opportunity to speak German regularly, even beyond their individual coaching sessions: I invite you to regular meetings with other learners in a café in Düsseldorf. We speak German and talk about topics like vacations, experiences in expat life, leisure time tips and much more. A chance to meet nice people, practice German and have fun.

Do you have any question, or would like to apply for a course? I am looking forward to having your news!

Let's learn German!

So that the German language soon becomes your new comfort zone.

I am Natalie Deckers, German teacher and language coach. In my one-to-one lessons you get plenty of opportunity to speak German. You learn effectively and can put your knowledge into practice the same day. The German language becomes your new comfort zone. And you will fully enjoy your expat life.

For over 10 years I have been supporting expats from more than 25 countries to speak German confidently in their private lives and in their jobs.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

What other customers say

"Natalie and her team have provided excellent German tutoring for my daughter. Very professional and always a pleasure to work with. Higly recommended!!!!!"
Nancy, USA – Expat in Deutschland
"My goal was to pass the Goethe C1 exam. Natalie prepared me specifically for this by working on exactly the content where I still had weak points. In this way, I was able to significantly improve my German in 3 months and to reach my goal."
Xigai, China – Expat in Düsseldorf
"When our family moved to Germany 18 months ago, we knew only a few German phrases and words. We were committed to fully immersing ourselves into the local culture and placing our children in the local schools. We learned of Natalie and because of her excellent reputation. Our daughter started the 4th Class in School when we arrived, and within a few months with Natalie’s help, she was speaking and understanding German well enough to be successful in her studies. She is now in her second term in the 7th class in Gymnasium… Our daughter is fluent, confident, speaks like a local with no accent, and has made close friends.
Travis, USA - Expat in Düsseldorf


That depends on how much time you invest in learning and practicing besides the lessons. Normally it takes three to six months.
The more you practice, the faster you progress. 15 minutes a day would be great.

Yes, depending on your language level and your goals, I will choose the appropriate books for you. 

I teach in my classroom in Düsseldorf Oberkassel and on Zoom. We can also meet in a café, if you prefer a more vivid atmosphere. Let us find the location that works best for you.

Regular attendance is important for your progress. Therefore, you should try to cancel as few appointments as possible. If something does come up, please let me know 24 hours before class starts. We will then find a new time for you to make up the missed lesson without additional fees.

If you want to take a vacation, we will schedule your appointments accordingly in advance.

Yes, you will receive a monthly invoice that you can submit to your employer for reimbursement or use it for tax purposes.

Any question left? Please contact!