How to improve your German language skills faster – 5 expert tips

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the right approach from the beginning on, you will have fun and improve your language skills within a short time.

The best way to progress fast is by practicing smart and efficiently. 

I have studied three foreign languages myself and teach students from all over the world for many years, now. Let me share my expertise with you.

Tip 1: Set yourself a goal

Having a strong WHY is going to help you overcome challenges and stay consistent. Do you need German for your work? Would you like to support your kids in German school? Or would you like to manage your daily life with more confidence? Get clear on your goals and start full of motivation.

It often helps to define intermediate targets and schedules. For example: 

  • Being able to talk to my neighbors within the next three months. 
  • Passing B2 Goethe test, December next year. 
  • Having a conversation with my boss in the Biergarten in July. 

Together we can work your goal and plan how you will easily achieve it. 

Tip 2: Participate in class

Taking classes is a great way to learn German quickly and effectively. Look for classes that focus on conversation and pronunciation, as these will help you become more comfortable speaking the language. 

Working with a native teacher and speaking as much German as possible in class will make a huge difference in your learning progress because you will follow the perfect grammar and pronunciation from the beginning on.

Tip 3: Include learning German in your everyday life

Let self-studying become part of your daily routine. Practicing 15 minutes every day is more effective than two hours on a Sunday night. By repeating vocabulary and grammar exercises daily, the rules will easily stick in your mind.

Create an individual routine that works best with your schedule. Stay consistent! 

Learning a new language works best if you are living in the country. You already can work on your German skills only by leaving the house. Introducing yourself to new friends, placing your order in the restaurant or asking the staff in a shop about different sizes or colors. 

Take every opportunity to speak to people – in the neighborhood, on the market, at a store, in a café, or on the street.

Tip 4: Be confident about what you already know

The earlier you start speaking, the sooner you will become fluent and confident in real life conversations. Even when you are a beginner, or are not sure about every grammar rule – Don’t wait to start speaking! 

Surely you will make mistakes. This is great because every mistake helps you to improve faster. And most of the people will understand and help you.

Tip 5: Pronunciation is key

Even when it seems challenging, try to work on your pronunciation from the beginning on. Germans probably will understand you easier when your pronunciation sounds German. And if you once get used to speak incorrectly, it is hard to change this, later. 

I put a focus on pronunciation in my classes, because especially in the beginning I consider it super important. Learning in one-to-one makes a big difference to studying only with language apps, or in classes with many students.

By following these tips, you will progress fast and be well on your way to becoming fluent in German. Together we can work on your skills and your German will be like a native soon. 

Let's learn German! So that the German language soon becomes your new comfort zone.

The German language becomes your new comfort zone. And you can fully enjoy your expat life.

For over 10 years I have been supporting expats from all over the world who want to speak German confidently in their private lives and in their jobs.

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