Ready to order in German? – The most important words and phrases you need when eating out in Germany

One of the most enjoyable cultural experiences in Germany is visiting a restaurant and trying out some delicious dishes. 

But what if the service only speaks German?

From asking for a table to ordering up to getting the check, here you find useful phrases cover all questions and statements you need to feel more confident when eating out in Germany.

Nach einem Tisch fragen – asking for a table*

Einen Tisch für eine Person, bitte. – A table for one, please.

Einen Tisch für zwei Personen, bitte. – A table for two, please.

Ist dieser Tisch frei? – Is this table free?

Können wir auf einen Tisch warten? Can we wait for a table?

Können wir dort sitzen? – Can we sit over there?

Wir möchten gerne draußen sitzen. – We would like to sit outside.

Wir möchten gerne drinnen sitzen. – We would like to sit inside.

Etwas bestellen – place an order*

Entschuldigung! – Excuse me. (Calling a waiter).

Ich hätte gern … – I would like to have …

„Ich hätte gern“ is a nice and polite way to ask for something.

Ich hätte gern die Speisekarte. – I would like to have the menu, please.

You can of course just name your order and add „bitte“!

Die Speisekarte, bitte! – The menu, please!

Getränke – drinks*

Was möchten Sie trinken? – What would you like to drink?

Ich hätte gern … 

eine Flasche – a bottle

eine kleine Flasche – a small bottle

eine große Flasche – a big bottle

ein Glas – a glass 

einen halben Liter – half liter 

das Sprudelwasser (sparkling water), das stille Wasser (still water), der Saft (juice), die Eiswürfel (ice cubes), der Weißwein (white wine), der Rotwein (red wine), das Bier (the beer), der Kaffee (coffee), der Espresso (espresso)

Speisen – Food*

Was möchten Sie essen? – What would you like to eat?

Ich hätte gern …

eine Vorspeise – a starter

ein Hauptgericht – a main course

ein Dessert / einen Nachtisch – dessert

das Brot (bread), der Salat (salad), die Suppe (soup), die Nudeln (pasta) 

das Fleisch (meat), der Fisch (fish), das Gemüse (vegetable), die Kartoffeln (potatoes), der Reis (rice), die Möhren (carrots), der Spinat (spinach)

der Kuchen (cake), das Eis (ice cream), der Käse (cheese)

Die Rechnung bezahlen – paying the bill*

When you are ready to pay, signal the waiter and ask for the bill.

Die Rechnung bitte! – The bill, please.

Zusammen, bitte! – All in one bill, please!

Getrennt, bitte! – Separate, please!

Ich möchte bitte bar bezahlen. – I would like to pay cash.

Ich möchte bitte mit Karte bezahlen. – I would like to pay with card.

Stimmt so. – Please keep the difference!

Tip: Tipping is expected in Germany. It is common practice to leave between 5 and 15 percent. For example, if the bill comes to 16,50 Euro, you can simply say „18,00 bitte“ and the server will immediately deliver your change.

Some more important words for visiting a restaurant

der Kellner / die Kellnerin – waiter / waitress

der Koch / die Köchin – male chef / female chef

die Serviette – napkin

der Teller – plate

das Messer – knife

die Gabel – fork

der Löffel – spoon

Zum Mitnehmen, bitte. – Takeaway, please.

Prost – Cheers

Guten Appetit! – Enjoy your meal!

I hope, that my phrases will help you for your next visit to an amazing German restaurant. If you would like to prepare before, I am ready to practice with you.


* You will find the correct pronunciation of all words and phrases, if you type them in Google translator, or in Pons Übersetzer App.

Let's learn German! So that the German language soon becomes your new comfort zone.

The German language becomes your new comfort zone. And you can fully enjoy your expat life.

For over 10 years I have been supporting expats from all over the world who want to speak German confidently in their private lives and in their jobs.

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